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Welcome!! The Print Shop has provided this on line ordering system for you to better track your orders and track billing with all the comfort of your desk with relavent and up-to-date information. Please use the column on the left to enter a new work order. To check Order status/Order History/View Reports please use the tabs towards the top of the page. The usage of each type of work order is listed below.

Print Orders The time you would use the Print Orders form is when you have job that could not be used by any other subject on the left colum.Within Print orders when you select Quick Copy this is used only on basic single or double sided copies with cover only that may be packets or comb/coil bound books. You can select color or black and white copies.PPPProviding a means to change the text of this homepage, EDU Business Solutions also allows you to change the large image in the upper lefthand corner of each page to match your organization's logo. All you will need to do is upload a new image and the current image is replaced with your logo. The only requirements for the new logo are:

  • the logo must be a JPG or GIF.
  • sized as 184 x 160 pixels.
Please do not exceed the dimensions listed above. If the image is too large, or too small, it will distort the header of your website.

Below this section we also provide an area for commonly visited links that your print shop customers may find interesting. You may provide up to seven links in this section. We recommend you change the links provided here and replace them with information consistent with your operations.


We have designed this homepage so that you, or anyone you designate on your staff, can easily add information to the site without any advanced knowledge of HTML. If you know some basic HTML, you can make this page more interesting for your customers to visit. Here are two examples of how some basic HTML tags can create rich content for your homepage.

In the example below we are using the image tag. You can use this HTML tag to add an image of your shop, a staff member or a special item you are offering for sale.

Print Shop

Or you may use HTML to list the services you provide. In this example we are using the ordered list and list item tags.

  1. Copying: Black and white copying can be completed and returned.
  2. Folding: Have your documents folded. We offer anything from letter to a tabloid z-fold.
  3. Laminating: This is a great way to preserve your documents. The laminator is capable of laminating anywhere from 2" to 24" wide paper.
  4. Drilling: We have the capability to drill from a single hole to three holes anywhere on your document.
  5. Transparencies: We can make black and white 8 1/2 x 11 transparencies.
  6. Cutting: We can cut from 2" x 3" to 42" x 40".
  7. Bindery: We can bind your document with a variety of options.

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